Prasoon Joshi – Impressive Credentials

Last weekend, we went to Aspen to see the fall colors. We stayed there overnight and meMaroon Bells being a morning person wanted to see the fall colors in early morning sunlight. So, I went to Maroon Bells (pic: courtesy Aaron Norris) around 6 in the morning and waited for sunrise. After soaking in the beauty of Maroon Bells for a few hours, I started back in my Jeep. While driving back, I switched on music and the song that played was “Dua” from Kurbaan.

I have heard this song many times before but this time the song’s meaning came through to me. I have been reading on quantum physics, the divine matrix and now all of this made sense through this song. Here are the lyrics (courtesy:

Give us the joy of love
Show us from above
Your shinning light
Everyday and night
And when the dawn is new
May we receive from you
Your shinning light
Everyday and night

Aashiyan apna bana le
Khwaabon ki chhaon mein
Aanewala kal basa le
Aaj ki nigaah mein
Bas tumhara saath de de
Ishq ki panaah mein
Muskurate pal bichaa de
Zindagi ki raah mein

Dua hai due hai
Yeh rab se dua hai
Dua hai due hai
Yeh rab se dua hai

Teri meri khwaahishon se
Aasman rangeen ho
Haal e dil apna jo sun le
Do jahaan haseen ho

Chahe kuchh umeed na ho
Aas yeh zaroor ho
Gardishon ke saaye mein bhi
Chaahaton ka noor ho

Dua hai due hai
Yeh rab se dua hai

Dastan apni buni hai
Har kisi ke pyaar mein
Apni dhadkan gaa rahi
Har ankahe iqraar mein

Jhoom uthe har
Saans pal mein
Dil mein yeh jazbaat ho
Masti ke pyaale mein
Doobi saari Kaayanaat ho

Dua hai due hai
Yeh rab se dua hai

While looking at these lyrics online, I saw the name of the lyricist: Prasoon Joshi. I googled him and came across his bio on wikipedia.

  • Author of 3 books, first book published when he was 17.
  • Education: Bachelor’s and Master’s in Physics. MBA from Institute of Management Technology
  • Business Awards: Young Global Leader 2006 and Ad Guru of India
  • Lyricist for Bollywood films like Hum Tum, Rang De Basanti, Black and most recently Aarakshan.

Prasoon Joshi turned 40 last month and so far has quite impressive credentials, IMHO. I could not stop myself from writing a few words about him. I will create a playlist of his songs that I like and post someday.

Thanks for reading and have a great day !

About Shakeel Akhtar

I am a husband and a father making a living as an IT Program Manager. I am working towards a life of balance and fun. You will find some ideas, productivity tips, book reviews and overall my personal philosophy on life. I am more of a thinker than a doer and this blog is a way of reminding myself to do more than just think.
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