What % of employees are engaged?

Check this infographic out. It says 1 in 3 employees are engaged. There have been different studies that did not come out with the same numbers. Some studies have said that over 53% of employees are dissatisfied with their jobs. Some studies have shown that only 17% are fully engaged. It does not matter which study you believe in. The truth is that there is no average company. Either your company is above average or below. And definitely the impact is to productivity and ultimately to the bottom line of your company.

What % of employees do you think are disengaged in your company?

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

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I am a husband and a father making a living as an IT Program Manager. I am working towards a life of balance and fun. You will find some ideas, productivity tips, book reviews and overall my personal philosophy on life. I am more of a thinker than a doer and this blog is a way of reminding myself to do more than just think.
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